Kaikoura Whale Watch

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  • Durée: 8 Heures (environ)
  • Lieu: Kaikoura, Canterbury
  • Code produit: KA01

Kaikoura sits in an enviable position on New Zealand’s east coast. Just over 2hrs drive north of Christchurch, Kaikoura is nestled between the ocean and the snow capped Seaward Kaikoura mountains. Running close along the coastline is the 3 km deep Kaikoura Canyon. This unique feature creates an ideal environment for all manner of marine life, including Sperm Whales who can be seen year round.

Kaikoura is rich in Māori lore, and whaling heritage. The peninsula was the place where Maui braced his foot when he fished up the North Island and was named the seat of Te Waka O Maui - Maui's canoe. Kaikoura was also the site of New Zealand’s first whaling station.

The scenic drive north from Christchurch initially passes through agricultural country, the landscape gradually changing to rolling hill country until the road reaches, and wind its way through, the Hundalees. From here the highway hugs the coastline and provides plenty of opportunity to spot fur seals and occasionally dolphins.

Upon reaching Kaikoura your guide will check you in for your Whale Watch cruise, or flight.

After your cruise or flight, enjoy a cafe lunch and soak up Kaikoura’s stunning scenery before heading back to Christchurch. If time allows for a stop, you can experience some of the local boutique wines at a winery cellar door.

Your guide will then drop you off at your accommodation and bid you farewell.